James wrote that “movies are magic” and spoke about going to the theater as a boy. That resonated with me. Here are some pictures of the recently restored movie palace in my home town, Miami Oklahoma. This is where I first encountered “Movie Magic.”

Coleman Theater, 103 North Main Street, Miami, OK

 Built in 1929, the Coleman Theater has reportedly never been dark.

Coleman Chandelier

 It’s style and beauty was breathtaking, as befitted the worlds that unfolded on it’s screen.

Coleman Theater, view from the stage

 Maybe we are so profoundly influence by such beauty and imagination that it shapes our lives.

Coleman Theater, wide angle view of the mezzanine and proscenium

 And the multimedia experience makes anything less … incomplete.

Coleman Theater Organ, multitimbral instrument of dreams

 I feel fortunate to know that this movie palace of my childhood has been respected, nurtured and restored by a loving community. More information, photos and my thanks to: colemantheatre.org

-john witham