I’ve been a huge fan of James’ work since first meeting him a few years ago.  He is an amazingly powerful and creative storyteller in all the manifestations of his art: his paintings and sculpture, the one-man play, and his readings. I’ve always felt a personal connection to his work and to him as an artist and performer.

A year or so ago when I started filming sessions for Santa Fe Salon Files which featured James – and Executive Producer, Julie Schumer – we also started tossing around the concept of working together on something more dramatically narrative. This past summer James decided to do a feature film based in-part on some of the stories from his one man play. As the concept has developed, it has become a much broader, richer tale.

I am very, very excited to have been asked to participate in the production, to film and edit the piece and lend my other expertise. I’ve been professionally involved in so many aspects of production – for over 30 years – that I feel like I fit this compact, efficient team quite well. I feel like I’ve been becoming prepared to make this film, in this way, all my life.

It has been said that a paradigm-shift has happened regarding companies that make money off of enabling independent filmmakers. We are right NOW on the cusp of the time when the power to have something produced is less in the hands of corporate distributors and middlemen and more in the hands of the creators themselves.

What has enabled this transformation is two-fold: crowd-funding platforms and digital distribution through video-on-demand services and digital downloads.

These Do-it-Yourself techniques are allowing independent creators like us to break out of a restrictive, sluggish corporate system that can interfere with some productions being both original and good.

It is wonderful for me personally to feel like I can contribute a wide range of creative juice into the process of rendering this unique story for our audience. I hope you will be interested enough to support us in some way, so that you too are involved in making this happen.

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