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We’ve been on the down low for a couple of years now. Life intervened and disrupted our best efforts to promote and market our movie about the process of creating art.

James basically cracked up. Life mirrored art and he took his character in the movie to the next logical level, to a person beset by florid and disabling mental health issues engendered by his life experiences. We nearly lost him.

John moved to Missoula, Montana and devoted himself to building his production business. I continued working full time as a lawyer and tried to move my painting career along as best I could given the constraints of time. In short, life intervened, derailing our best intentions in pushing the movie out into the world.


Julie and James – Art-Talk

But we’re back. John has settled into Missoula and his new work life. I have retired from many decades as a lawyer, and care taking my ailing spouse, James, a major challenge which consumed me, is no longer an issue. Slowly, James has recovered and has retaken the playing field full time in the studio. He did paint some during his illness, and interestingly, while sick, he was not beset by the creative problems faced by his character in the movie and which he had earlier faced in real life. Ironically, unlike his character in the movie, he was able to create work that our local dealer appreciated and could sell. Lots of therapy (and meds) healed his soul. There is time now to turn our attention to getting the word out about the Twilight Angel.

Many of you were able to watch our movie on Amazon Prime. For reasons unknown to us and our distributor, Indie Rights, it is no longer available on that platform. However, it is available on Google Play, Youtube, iTunes and VuDu, all at a nominal charge.

Please watch and comment, let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you. We are hopeful we can make some inroads with this project by spreading the word on social media and wherever else we can think of. Previous viewers of the film uniformly agreed it was a fine piece, brilliantly written, acted and filmed. As our distributor has told us and as I mentioned in a previous blog, content that is good today will be good in ten years. We are hoping that is the case.