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Hot on the heels of the Twilight Angel being awarded a Silver Remi in the WorldFest Houston film festival, the team decided a little re-edit was in order before finally unleashing our creation at public venues.

Our process during pre-production and the early post phases had always been to encourage comments and get feedback at the test screenings -and from private audiences. We paid attention to what was said and took notes on what people liked, how they reacted, etc. To compliment these notes James, Julie, Linda Leslie and I also did our own critical review. It was decided we would trim down and rearrange the film slightly before we sent it out anywhere else.


Witham with discs of Twilight Angel footage

It was also a bit intimidating to think of re-editing. As the editor and music producer, I’d put hundreds of hours into the original post production. I knew we didn’t have much time. Even if everything went smoothly it was a big commitment. And then there is always the, “what if…” Several flavors of the unthinkable could happen.

Just to be able to start the re-edit, I had to round-up the hard-drives where the original footage was stored, all five of them, and load the data into the edit system. Which itself had been rebuilt and the software had been upgraded recently. It actually took a surprising amount of time just to do this and get all the paths in the old media database pointing to the right files on the right drives.

Technical issues aside, it was also very exciting to be back in the world of the Twilight Angel. With fresh eyes I could see the sets, hear the voice, the music and feel James weave the story again. Our story.

So I dived in and started with some new voice-overs. They formed the basis for re-cut scenes and tightened up pacing of the early expository material.

The new sequence flowed together so much more smoothly. Almost a year later, the story had distilled and it’s essence was so much clearer now.

The principals got together to review the results. Our stalwart producer, Julie remarked several times, “Is that a NEW scene?” The fresh juxtaposition was working it’s magic.

We were playing the film directly out of the editor timeline. We got to the end and all of us had the insight to cut one more of the scenes right near the end. We talked briefly, all concurred and then made the final edit together.

Done deal. Let’s push it out into the world now.