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JGK_at_ JCC-artfilms

James Koskinas at Santa Fe Art Films showing of the Twilight Angel

(The following is a blog post originally written December 14th, 2015)

The Twilight Angel just showed at the Santa Fe Artist film festival at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for a two day run. Also showing, With My Back Against the Wall, a film about Agnes Martin, and Flowing Grasses, a film about artist Dean Howell. All films were about New Mexico artists and it was an honor to be in the festival with such notable other artists.


JK and DH by Dean Howell

We had an intimate turnout both nights that resulted in strong feedback for our film and engendered spirited questions and dialogue that went on for a good hour after the film ended. Both nights we had the director of the festival’s sponsor, the Christopher Foundation for Arts, in attendance. As was my, friend Dean Howell, and numerous local supporters. John Witham, our fellow Twilight Angel team member – cinematographer and editor – was present opening night to give his keen insights in the filming of the movie.

Comments ranged from “must see,” to “beautiful”, as well as “the film should be seen by every art student in the school system”, to very personal insights, “ the film helped me understand the creative process, the agony and ecstasy every artist goes through, including my own.” We received numerous glowing Facebook messages also from viewers that were exhilarating in their praises.

It was very encouraging to hear the audience comments and responses about the film. It was also extremely powerful for me to see it again after some time had passed. I felt strongly that we had made a beautiful piece of art and that the film was a great accomplishment, both visually and as a story.

The next step for the Twilight Angel, is onward to Arlington, Texas in January for a showing at the Arlington Museum, and then to Lubock , Texas at the Louise Underwood Hopkins Center for the Arts – where there will also be a two month art show of paintings from the Twilight Angel team of James and Julie.