Twilight Angel Wins Silver Remi Award at WorldFest-Houston

Twilight Angel Remi Award

Twilight Angel’s Remi Award

We are very pleased to announce the Twilight Angel won a Silver Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston film festival in April. Out of 4,400 entries this year only about 15% were rated high enough by the jurors to receive an award.

Our film won the only Silver Remi in the highly-competitive Dramatic- Experimental category.

WorldFest-Houston is one of three original international film festivals in North America. It was founded in 1961 as Cinema Arts and is the only international film festival in North America to be dedicated completely to independent films.

At a time when many festivals in the US seem to serve as unpaid publicity agents for major studios and distributors, WorldFest continues to provide a forum for the works of true independent filmmakers and a venue for their films.

The Remi Award is inspired by the highly-regarded western artist Frederic Remington. We feel it is fitting that our film about an artist reclaiming his power has been awarded this particular honor. We appreciate the recognition by such a fiercely independent film festival and expect more and more people will get to enjoy our film soon as we begin the process of scheduling showings.

Our community of fans and supporters have our constant gratitude for helping us make it this far. It is a success for all of us. We hope you are happy with what you have helped accomplish with the Twilight Angel.

Now, stay tuned for what comes next!


Julie Schumer, John Witham and James Koskinas win Silver Remi

Captivated by Brush Strokes

I felt intimately connected with the artist on his journey of self-discovery as I watched his struggle and artistic process in bringing his painting to life. I was captivated watching his brush strokes and color choices tell his story!

- Jane Emanuel

Praise for Twilight Angel

High praises, laughter, tears and applause for your dear, raw, inspirational, daring journey put to film, James Koskinas, Julie Schumer, John Witham… I love that Fictional Character! I need to really see it a few more times to catalyze my full creative potential. Thanks for including us in your credits. You ALL amaze me. You truly do. I love who you each are and all the succulent gifts you bring to birth in this wild, awakening world. How do we change ourselves, to change the world…? I suggest the arts, truth, fierce self exploration & expression & by all means, see, own & share this movie, as it launches upon the world! & buy some art! That always helps me!
-Jen Klarfeld

Review of The Twilight Angel by Trisha Caetano

I would like to share with you my personal perspective, my personal feelings, my personal understanding and awareness because of this film. After all, isn’t that what art is about for the viewer?

The 11 previous paintings were of the dead, the ‘Twilight Angels”, ghosts of the past forcing you to paint them, give them life in death, a canvas immortality. The canvases simply flowed, emerging as the ghosts of the past painted the painting.. The last painting would not emerge because on a far deeper level, this had to be a painting of you, of your past, of your death, of the death of what you might have been, of the death of the soul. And the agony begins: frustration, boredom, anger, fear, hopelessness.

Segment by segment in the film you peel away all these feelings, emotions, thoughts, perspectives of your past and the agony forces you to begin to emerge on the canvas: distorted, inadequate, struggling, emerging without shape or form, using colors from dead artists of the past. Painting until your past agony begins to emerge on canvas; twisted, distorted, tortured, chaotic and interestingly, in female form. Then the sword, slashing cutting destroying the past.

And then, the most tender and deeply touching part of the entire piece with amazing cinematography, the perfect shot, perfect lighting; your fingers tentatively, gently probing the opening in the destruction, the perfect glowing white light shining through, the tentative connection to the emerging of the soul. And the creating begins. Sewing the cuts , they are still there but healed, and then the true beginning. You begin to explore you, to create you, brush stroke by brush stroke, who you truly are emerging. Not the pleasing of others, the struggle to be meaningful, to be recognized, to be accepted, not the whore who paints what will sell, no. What begins to emerge is the you of You, your own living, vibrant, authentic, soul.

This is the experience you three created for me, witnessing a journey of the soul. And on a very deep level, opening me and inspiring me. This is the truth of art, it is why art has emerged from man before it appeared on cave walls. You have truly achieved art.

Thank you James, Julie, John for allowing me to experience this recognition, connection, inspiration.

-Trisha Caetano, August 31, 2013

Trisha  is internationally known as a pioneer in Inner Child, Integration and Regression therapies. She has trained psychotherapists and health care professionals in many countries. She does yearly training’s and seminars in Japan and The Netherlands and has been a guest teacher for 11 Dutch institutes. Trisha was President of The Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc., a world-wide organization of professionals focused on regression as a therapeutic tool in healing. She was Director of their training team to certify therapists in this method.  (